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Starts with the traditional Chinese Kung Fu uniform pattern.Rejuvinate these unique patterns, let people remember them with a new existence.

In China, the tradition of kung fu seems to be gradually declining.Nowadays, only middle-aged and elderly people can be seen practicing Tai-Chi in the park. These kung
fu uniforms have gradually become the uniforms of the elderly.

To use these unique cuts to design a new kung fu uniform, more dynamic, more youthful and modern. This Thesis combines Western classic clothing styles, which are
indispensable clothing for people’s life, but adds the pattern features of Kung Fu uniform, such as one-piece sleeves, the single sleeve of Shaolin clothing and the unique pattern of Tai-Chi trousers. The colors are from the Kungfu Temples, with bright orange,
which is the temple. Rock, sky, forests. The colors are reprent the nature, energy, and younger generation.